Joker Boat Clubman 26 Special RIB is a very spacious , comfortable and fast boat suitabile for day trips exploring beautiful islands, towns and beaches surrounding Split area. With this boat you can also reach amazing distant open waters islands.

I bought this boat because of my love for adriatic sea, islands, and beaches, and I like to share that affection with my guests, help them explore the beauties of Dalmatia.

Length:9.0 m
Beam:3 m
Engine:Honda 250 HP
Fuel tank: 2 x 200 l
Water tank:110 l

“Special in thename, special in it’s features. Technicallyidentical to the standard Clubman 26, itwillsurprisewithit’s different standard andoptionalfeatures!”

TheClubman 26 special can be deceiving. It looks like the Clubman 26, it costs slightly more than the Clubman 26, features are the same, optionals are the same. So why have 2 identical boats…?

…the answer is simple, because they are not!!


It takes a close eye to understand the key differences between Clubman 26 and the Clubman 26 Special:


First off, the Special has different deckc onfigurations. The larger consolle houses a much needed increase in storage space, always a direnecessity when at sea. To best balance this larger consolle, the Clubman 26 Special has been fitted with a larger driver’s seat and driver’s seat compartment. This feature permits the housing of two teak tables, a larger fridge space and a more comfortable seating area.

Much like the Clubman 26, the Special’s stern compartment has a double intended use thanks to a rotating back rest cushion that ,when in upright position, becomes as a dinette and when rotate downwards leaves space for a large sunbathing area.

The deck has the iconic, lager, Club man setting: central consolle, mainly moved to the starboard (right) to allow a large passage on the port (left) side of the boat Sunbathing is key on theClubman 26 Special as well, thus the wide and long sunbathing area at the bow (front) and spacious stern (back) cushion (both canbee longated with the use of a sun deck extension).

Further more, it is a bracket model. This means it necessitates of a motor bracket to mount the motors. This is due to thefactthatit is fitted with extra AFT platforms to make the boat longer and more comfortable during the ascent from the water to the boat.

Motor wiseit has an optimal motorisation at 250/300HP andthe minimum advised motorisation for this model is 200HP.

TheClubman 26 Special comes standard with a large nose to house the anchor and electric winch, but itcan be requested with a smaller nose and a hole for the anchor in the hull’s bow. The anchor in the hull has been designed with a system to avoid water from penetrating during rough seas.


Recreational: The Clubman 26 Special is a pure recreational boat. It exploits most of the main features of the Clubman 28 such as: a comfortable fridge, 2 small tables, a large driver’s seat, wide and comfortable sunbathing areas and a ton of storage space.

The gorgeous nessofit’s smooth hull make is smooth on wave sand a very good quick turner. The bracket guarantees a better weight distribution at the stern and thus better balance when at anchor.

Renting: if you appreciate the Clubman 28 features, but wish to spend a little less then, theClubman 26 special is your next best choice. It offersnearly all features of the Clubman 28, except the WC in the consolle.

Standard Equipment
Navigation: Complete navigation equipment
Garmin instrument 720


Yacht electrics:
VHF radio

Electric anchorwindlass
Sun cover /tent
Fuel management system NMEA 2000
Inoxroll bar



– Send enquiry –

Highseason ( July / August )    1 day – 500 / 7 days – 3.500 €
Lowseason ( restoftheyear )    1 day – 450 / 7 days – 3.150 €


– VAT (25%)
– Fullfuel tank at thecheck – in at base in Trogir
– Equipment: completenavigationequipment, depthsounder, garmin instrument 720, safetyequipment, VHF radio, electricanchorwindlass, mainanchor,mooringropes,suntent, inoxrollbar, swimmingladder, fuel management system NMEA 2000, refrigerator, Hi-Fisystem


– at thecheck-outboathas to bereturnedwithfull tank at the base ,Trogir


– finalcleaning – 20.00 EUR
– securitydeposit – 2.000,00 EUR ( cash or creditcardauthorization VISA/MASTER)