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Blue Cave & 5 Island Tour

private boat tours split

Blue Cave & 5 Island Tour

The best (most challenging to be fair) day tour on Adriatic Sea you can find!

In a day, you will explore more than Blue Cave one of Croatian many wonders, we are also visiting in our tour town Hvar, Pakleni islands, Stiniva cove (Vis) and Budikovac Lagoon as well. Snorkeling and swimming in the clearest places in Split archipelago, are activities you cherish for life! Most of the tour sights, as well as hidden beach bars and remote island restaurants, are accessible exclusively by boat!

Speedboats are pretty fast so it’s not recommended for children under 3 years old, pregnant ladies, and people with serious back problems and injuries, to go on a tour.

Tour itinerary (duration of stay on a location) depends on the skipper and/or, mostly, guests preferences. Guests can decide duration, if they want to snorkel more, explore sandy beaches, or how much time they want to spend on dinner. Return is arranged based on your preferences. (except for half day tours, where return is arranged in front).

In case of bad weather tour is rescheduling, or full refund is returned to guests


from 350 kn
11.5 h
7:30 AM
islands Biševo, Vis, Budikovac, Hvar, Pakleni

price includes

Speed Boating
Bottle of Water
Snorkeling mask
Professional Skipper

price does not include

Any additional costs
Enterance fee for Blue Cave
Enterance fee for Green Cave
Gratuities for crew


Start from Split / Podstrana / Trogir / Kaštela / Le Meridien / any hotel with boat dock /
Blue cave
Must see when visiting Croatia is Blue cave on Biševo Island. Cave is entered by a small rowing boat through the outer entrance that was breached in 1884. For the braver Blue Cave has other, natural, entrance. On the south side of the cave the second opening is like a vault and is much wider, sunlight penetrates through it, but it is below sea level. We provide snorkeling mask so you can explore the most of Blue Cave.
Vis Stiniva
Vis Stiniva
(Green cave optional) 

Most striking image when you are googling Vis is Stiniva bay. Every year it reaches, in world newspapers, scales, as one of top beaches in the world. Because location of the beach is inside a cove, boat is the best option if you want to take a swim there. By foot it’s more like hiking rather then walking.
On island of Vis we are not only swimming in Stiniva Cove, we can do that in Green cave as well. It’s located on the southern side of Vis, on the islet Ravnik. Less popular color sibling was used for hiding ships in WWII.
Porat - sandy beach bay
(– optional)

Amazing sandy beach on island of Biševo, where you can take a swim and play Picigin National treasure of Croatia. Main Goal is to keep the (small, usually peeled tennis ball) ball in the air as long as possible, at any way possible!

(– optional)

Former Georgetown, established by the Brits early/mid 19th century, mostly as harbor for opium and goods from the east, without interference of France and other powers. Historically important island. Between WWII. and ‘90s it was military island, closed to outside visitors.
Falkuša - ship of old Komiža fisherman, UNESCO proclaimed one of 10 most beautiful ships in the world. No wonder, as its historical fisherman town. Today Komiža has its own Fisherman Museum.
Blue lagoon budikovac
Blue lagoon budikovac
Budikovac has one inhabitant, who is owner of only restaurant on small island. In restaurant you eat whatever they catch in the fishing net that day, as there is no menu. They also have homegrown organic garden, where all the green is from. It is one of the most popular and amazing lagoons for enjoying the underwater world. you will easily pull out some seashells while snorkeling as sea is rather shallow.
Hvar town
Hvar town
Most popular party place in Croatia ( and a yahting destination). It has huge variety of restaurants, bars and beaches. As Pakleni islands are just in front of the Island. First European theater is located in Hvar town and fort “Fortica” are just some of the sightseeing location Hvar has to offer, and show it’s more than Party island.
Pakleni islands
Pakleni islands
Hvar archipelago with lots of hidden beaches and lagoons, but as there is many islets, you can also find beach bars and restaurants, like Carpe Diem and Laganini for e.g., on some of the islets.
(– optional)

Awesome Lagoon, best place in Hvar archipelago for Instagram post.
(Laganini beach bar) (Tour – optional)

Palmižana is the most botanical diverse place in all of Dalmatia. Owner of large estate on the island was a botanical enthusiast. He had friends, captains of the many ships, all over the world. They brought him various plants from different parts of the world, that he started to plant all around the island. Only the most resilient plants can grow here because all the water they get is from sea desalinate. That explains more then 60% of plants now was originally brought from Latin America.

It's also famous for nice restaurants like Zori, Bacchus, Totos and of course Laganini, where the latter is more of a beach club, lounge place. Many luxury boats harbor on Palmižana.

(Carpe Diem night club/beach bar) (– optional, ,)

Two hundred employees, nice beach, restaurant, pool, bar, dance floor and taxi boats running all day/ night, party never stops here. When Carpe Diem at Hvar town closes everybody just transfers to Marinkovac where they can party all night unbothered.

Carpe diem / option 4
Carpe diem / option 4
It is located on island Marinkovac, 10 minutes speed boat ride from Hvar.
If you are looking for the best club on Adriatic coast, we could easily argue that Carpe Diem is the one. Lots of young people come to Croatia just to party, and area around town Hvar is their preffered destination. With 200 employees, nice beach, restaurant, pool, bar, dance floor and taxi boats running all day/ night, party never stops here.
*Picigin friendly beach available on Biševo and Palmižana
Only game in the world that has no winners or losers... we play it just for fun ! It is even protected as cultural treasure of Republic of Croatia.
Two things you need for this game, besides players: beach with shallow sea, and a ball. Tennis ball with peeled off green layer is preferred one. Rules : dont let the ball fall in to the see... you bounce it in the air with hands, feet, head, the more attractive the better !
End tour in Split / Podstrana / Trogir / Kaštela / Le Meridien / any hotel with boat dock /

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